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Name:Reading Joyce's Ulysses, One Chapter Every Month
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Website:Ulysses resources at The Modern Word
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Ulysses discussion & appreciation
We're reading James Joyce's Ulysses, one chapter each month. We're an eclectic group of readers, some with higher degrees, some with no degrees. We all enjoy the book, and wanted to share our delight as we come back to the text one more time.

Our discussions are limited to members because Joyce's prose and our reactions often explore sexual situations, and we prefer to spend our time thinking rather than beating back spammers. Lurking membership is OK. You can get a free DreamWidth account (use the "contact details" on this page if you need an account code). Or you can be a member with an Open ID. (Open ID is a multi-site electronic identity system that's provided by LiveJournal, Yahoo/Flickr, WordPress, Blogger and many other services).

You are welcome to read the corresponding chapter in the Odyssey at the same time, but it is not necessary. The parallels between the two will be discussed, so it might be a good idea to at least familiarize yourself with the Odyssey if you have not read it before.

Our schedule is:
Prolog: Context
Oct. 2009—Dubliners
Nov. 2009—Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Dec. 2009—Hamlet and Yeats’ short poem “Who Goes with Fergus?”

Part I: The Telemachiad
Jan. 2010—Episode 1, Telemachus
Feb. 2010—Episode 2, Nestor
Mar. 2010—Episode 3, Proteus

Part II: The Odyssey
Apr. 2010—Episode 4, Calypso
May. 2010—Episode 5, The Lotus Eaters
June 2010—Episode 6, Hades
July 2010—Episode 7, Aeolus
Aug. 2010—Episode 8, The Laestrygonians
Sep. 2010—Episode 9, Scylla and Charybdis
Oct. 2010—Episode 10, The Wandering Rocks
Nov. 2010—Episode 11, The Sirens
Dec. 2010—Episode 12, The Cyclops
Jan. 2011—Episode 13, Nausicaä
Feb. 2011—Episode 14, The Oxen of the Sun
Mar. 2011—Episode 15, Circe

Part III: The Nostos
Apr. 2011—Episode 16, Eumaeus
May 2011—Episode 17, Ithaca
June 2011—Episode 18, Penelope

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inner organs of beasts & fowls, joyce, leopold bloom, molly bloom, stephen dedalus, ulysses
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